Chuck E.'s Snack Spot is a chain of small take-away fast food restaurants operated by CEC-ABS Entertainment, Inc.

The first location is situated on 8322 W Lincoln Ave in West Allis, Wisconsin.

West Allis History Edit

Chuck E.'s Snack Spot's roots go back to 1953, when it opened as a Boy Blue ice cream stand. The Boy Blue chain of soft-serve stands was a Milwaukee institution for many years. As late as 1976, the operation had 35 locations throughout the area. By the 1990s, the chain withered away, and West Allis remained open until sometime in the 2010's.

Kabushiki Gaisha ABS plans to convert and expand the closed Boy Blue stand into Chuck E.'s Snack Spot, a smaller Chuck E. Cheese's concept location with a limited menu. However, if successful, it will turn Chuck E.'s Snack Spot into a wider chain, with Snack Spots built inside shopping mall food courts and operating in tandem with pre-existing Chuck E. Cheese's locations within said malls. The in-mall Snack Spots, however, will not have a showroom or game room, but will have a Chuck E.'s Sketch Book photo booth, Ticket Blaster (tickets earned are to be taken to the mall's fully-operating CEC location for redemption), or both.

Concept Edit

The Snack Spots are scaled down versions of the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant/FEC chain that they are affiliated with. The Snack Spots have a "limited menu", however, ABS claims that "4 out of 5 CEC menu items are offered at Snack Spots", a claim supported and proven by an independent researcher's visit to a Snack Spot in Panama City, FL.

Snack Spots are located in places that cannot accommodate a full-sized Chuck E. Cheese's, either due to space restrictions, or being too close to an existing CEC location. The latter rule is not a strictly enforced one, as some shopping malls have both a Chuck E. Cheese's and a Snack Spot: Malls that do this typically place the Snack Spot in the food court and CEC's in another part of the building.

Features Edit

Snack Spots have the same food preparation equipment as regular CEC locations.

Some Snack Spots feature smaller versions of the recently-modernised CU 1-Stage show stages. All locations feature a "Chuck E. Cheese's Sketch Book" photo booth, as well as a Ticket Blaster (tickets are redeemed when visiting a local Chuck E. Cheese's). Some Snack Spots may feature other common modern arcade games alongside these.

5 game tokens are given with every food purchase at a Snack Spot for the Sketch Book, Ticket Blaster and arcade games, or if desired, a future visit to Chuck E. Cheese's. A strict one-turn-per-customer rule applies to the Ticket Blaster, with a similar two-turns-per-customer rule being applied to the Sketch Book.