Chuck E. Cheese's Times Square was a family entertainment center in Central Manhattan.

History Edit

Kabushiki Gaisha ABS' takeover of the Chuck E. Cheese's chain brought about a massive international expansion plan, along with a large-scale "brand renovation" in the US. One of the new owners' proposals was to have "mega-locations" built in major cities. The idea was based on that used by 5 Chuck E.'s "mega-locations" in Dahrconia.

CEC Times Square opened in New York City in 2016. It was the first Chuck E. Cheese's "mega-location" in the United States. Kenji Yukimura (dressed in a Chuck E. t-shirt to mark the occasion), Helen Henny, Rokurou Inoue and Chuck E. Cheese himself were responsible for hosting the grand opening of the store.

Facility Edit

CEC Times Square was a 2-floor complex. The bottom floor is dedicated to a Chuck E.'s standard arcade game room and playground, whilst the top floor contains the birthday showroom, restaurant and prize counter, along with a special stage made specifically for the Times Square location.

It has its very own subway station (referred to by the MTA as "Chuck E. Cheese's Station"), connected directly to the restaurant by escalators and elevators. Special "Chuck E. Shuttle" services are operated between this station and the Atlantic Terminal station (connected to the Atlantic Terminal mall, which houses Chuck E.'s Brooklyn location on the 3rd floor) by Shin-Nippon Railways, the MTA, and the Long Island Railroad.

Playground Edit

CEC Times Square had a SkyTubes playground with some themed tubes like a taxi cab and a subway train, with a ball pit the size of an Olympic sized swimming pool and a roller slide.


Kabushiki Gaisha ABS decided to close the location due to a rather underwhelmingly low patronage.

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