Chuck E. Cheese's is a family entertainment center located on 552 S State St in Sparta, MI. This location has the 2-Stage show.


It first opened its doors on June 7th, 1992 with phase 2, a 2 stage with curtains, a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic with a tuxedo and derby, and a ball crawl.

In 1994/1995 They Switched The Phase 3 With Sky-Tubes

In June 2002, Cool Chuck Outfit Replaced A Tuxedo & Derby & They Replaced A Ball Crawl Into A Toddler Zone.

In Late 2005, They Received A Few New Games.

In Mid 2011, They Got A Phase 4 Exterior Sign & They Remodeled With A Phase 4 With Purple Walls & Avenger Outfit Replaced A Cool Chuck Outfit & They Kept 1993 Art Frames In The Showroom

In June 2011, 90's Helen's Pigtails Hair & Mask Has Replaced By 2000's Helen's Pigtails Hair & Mask.

In June 2012, the screen between Chuck E and Helen was replaced with an LG screen In The Showroom.

In Early 2013, They Removed The Curtains.

In September 2013 They Replaced Avenger Cap.

In 2017, They Celebrated 25th Anniversary With Free 100 Tokens On Each Card, 2 Slices Of Pizza, A Free Cotton Candy, Free Lollipop, Free Admission To Salad Bar & Free 1000 Tickets To Everybody!

In June 2018, They Trashed The Sky-Tubes & Replaced With 3 Boomer's Ball Parks





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Notice: This Location Only Has Tokens. No Play Pass.