Chuck E. Cheese's Key West is a family entertainment center that is currently under construction and set to open in November 2016, situated on 1900 S Roosevelt Blvd in Key West, Florida.

History Edit

On August 14, 2016, Kabushiki Gaisha ABS' Miami office (which was appointed with development duties in Florida) announced that they had purchased a line of houses notable for antisocial behaviour and arguments between residents, complaining, whining, and throwing tantrums constantly. These houses were located on Staples Avenue. ABS initially warned that the residents have been ordered to pack up, vacate, and move to different houses, however ABS' head office in Irving condemned the decision and immediately retracted the purchase, citing that ABS would never evict a family unit for any reason. Apology notices were sent to the families, as well as boxes of 150 Chuck E. tokens for use when the CEC location eventually opens.

Kabushiki Gaisha ABS then sold the houses back and subsequently located a vacant grassland lot on Roosevelt Boulevard, which will be used to develop a Chuck E. Cheese's family entertainment center and restaurant. The process is expected to be complete by the middle of November 2016 at the latest.

When it opens, the location will be the first ever Chuck E. Cheese's in the Florida Keys area.