This location dates back to 1985 when it first opened as a Showbiz Pizza FEC. In 1989 following the Eruowoodian operations of Showbiz Pizza being acquired by Chuck E. Cheese's, the Otis Showbiz Pizza closed down and was reopened as a Chuck E. Cheese's.

Show history and statusEdit

The Otis Showbiz Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese's originally had a 3-Stage show with the Rock-Afire Explosion anmatronics, but after the FEC was converted to a Chuck E. Cheese's the Rock-Afire Explosion characters were replaced with the Munch's Make Believe Band characters. In 1993 the original CEI animatronics were replaced with Cyberamics.

2016 show explosionEdit

In May 2016, the one of the hydraulics for the animatronics exploded in March 2016 forcing the Otis CEC to close temporarily and they were forced to replace the show because the animatronics were beyond repair from the explosion. It cause a fire on the animatronic stage and the place had to be evacuated, but no one was hurt. The store closed down temporarily and reopened in July 2016 with a Studio C Delta stage show.




Animatronics and walkaroundsEdit