Chuck E. Cheese's Rome is a family entertainment center that was constructed at the site where Kmart (which had close on August 7, 2016) was occupied, and opened in the last week of September 2016, situated on 102 Hicks Drive in Rome, Georgia. This will be a "Phase 6" location, complete with a redesigned Studio C Delta stage.

History Edit

This CEC location's roots go back to 1993, when it opened as a Super Kmart store. In 2009, the store was downsized to a regular Kmart.

In May 2016, it was announced that the Rome, GA Kmart was closing in August 2016 due to poor 1st Quarter sales for 2016. ABS saw the Rome, GA Kmart store closing as the perfect opportunity to convert the Rome, GA Kmart into a new Chuck E. Cheese's FEC/restaurant.

After the Rome, GA Kmart closes on August 7, 2016, Kabushiki Gaisha ABS plans to convert the space for the soon-to-be-closed Kmart into a Chuck E. Cheese's family entertainment center and restaurant. The process was completed by the end of September 2016.




Animatronics and walkaroundsEdit